TROOPY OF THE DAY NO.3: Gutted and Rebuilt

In July we are running a LIVE series over on Insta called Troopy Of The Day where we hunt out awesome landcruiser troopcarrier feeds and shine the spotlight on their kitted out rigs.

Here is the third in the series from Lachlan a legend who hails from NSW. He has an awesome instagram feed packed to the brim with troopy goodness – he also takes his shirt off a lot, but it’s all good because he’s ripped as. #Riginsidearig 😉 hah!

Lachlan completely gutted and rebuilt the entire interior. Not that age is a factor… but he is a younger guy and in our books that somehow makes it even more impressive.

He describes his rig as “She sure is my pride and joy. 17 years old, 400,000kms and goes so well now I’ve given it some more love!”

Here’s to the next 400,000! Now, go get amongst the pics below and see his complete interior rebuilt. Plenty of videos in amongst there for you too.


Here are the links if you want to see more (and trust us, you will):  Lachlan’s Instagram







^Press play.

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We hope this series of posts inspires you, just a little, to get out there.




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