In July we are running a LIVE series over on Insta called Troopy Of The Day where we hunt out awesome landcruiser troopcarrier feeds and shine the spotlight on their kitted out rigs.

Here is the second in the series from Tim, an Aussie bloke from Perth working as a miner in Western Australia.

Now… before you get below and start scrolling, you might want to prepare yourself for some helluva envious vibes to hit you. Because he’s not only got an awesome rig, he’s also got a quad bike and a moto.

Tim’s insta can be found at Insta:Timwyborn  which one can only assume is french for I have a troopy and a quad bike suckers! hahah. 

Anyway, get amongst the pics below, wipe the drool away and get inspired to get out there with your own rig.


In 2018 Tim & Cynthia will be taking the Troopy around Australia, “Can’t wait to tour this rig around Australia!”

From the incredible pics over on Cynthia’s feed as well, it looks like we will all be up for some serious troopy photos incoming across their big lap. Whoooo!

Here are their links if you want to see more (and trust us, you will):  Timwy Born Instagram , The Nomadic Nurse Instagram

troopy legend

landcruiser troopy and quad bike


troopy of the day setup

landcruiser troopy with canopy awning to keep mosquitos away

landcruiser troopy simple roofrack covered with red dust :-)

troopy bullbar


 troopy of the day setup

troopy of the day setup

troopcarrier with a view travelling around australia

troopy of the day setup

troopcarrier in western australia with quad bike

Pretty good, right!?

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Thanks as always for being here. We are just getting started.



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