HELLO + WELCOME to the very first Troopy.com.au blog post!

Whoah, what’s that noise…??  I think it’s the sound of crickets! 😀

If  you ever want to start something, you just have to start at the start.

So here we go. We’d love you to join us for the ride.



Who are we? What’s this all about? Click here to read the ABOUT page.

In short, we are Gareth & Kirsty. Some of you might know us as the Aussie Overlanders. We love Troopys. And troopy.com.au is just a fun little side project we are cooking up. Also, we creatively named our Troopy… Troopy. So, you could say this site is named after our beloved rig 😉



The vision for this blog is to have a bit of FUN (note the bold, capitals AND underlining!) by showcasing awesome Troopy set-ups from around Australia and the World.

When we started out with our Troopy it was really difficult to find photos and run-downs on good set-ups. Of any 4×4 let alone a Troopy.

These days it’s a lot easier but they just seem to get lost in the never-ending scroll of Facebook.

So let’s do something about that.



Yep, we really truly want to feature your set-up. If you would like your Troopy featured give us a yell. We’ll send you across a few questions and you’ll need to send us 5-10 good photos of your set-up.

Also, if you have a blog/website/facebook page we’ll make sure we link to you so people get sent your way.

Or if you just think it would be cool to have a webpage featuring your rig to share amongst your mates we’ll send you the link. Easy.

Down the bottom of the page is an email icon – hit that and get in touch.



Here’s a snapshot of where we are starting from.

Zero online crew

Zero legends on our mailing list

Zero posts

Zero traffic

Zero Troopy Shirt designs

Zero orders

And a funny little logo… (which we kind of actually like)


It’s all up from here!




We’d love you to join us for the ride by hitting like or subscribe. Newsletters will be our main way of staying in touch [click here to subscribe].

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We’d love you to hear from you.

Even if it’s a simple ‘Hey guys!’ in the comments below.

It would also be great to hear what you think about the ideas of:

  • Blog posts featuring troopy set-ups
  • Limited Edition Troopy Shirt idea (If the shirt’s cool enough are you keen!? You’ll find ‘How it works’ and this month’s countdown on the homepage)
  • Got an design idea for the next Troopy Shirt? Hit us up. We want designs to be classic & high quality… and have a bit of cheek.


Comment below or feel free to send us an email.


Thanks for being here guys – we love having you round!



Wear your heart troopy on your sleeve

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  1. Clive & Cathy 24/06/2017 at 1:43 PM - Reply

    Well hi there Gareth and Kirsty, I came across your overland travel site late last year and I have gone back there a couple of times recently. We have just purchased a 2009 Troopy and now the fun begins, kitting it out. I have a few basic ideas of what I would like it to be like but it is going to be a steep learning curve. Obviously I feel the first area to look at is the electricals, a dual battery system and fridge. Once I know where the fridge is going then I can build the other bits around it.
    Okay I will keep this short for now. Really glad to see that you now have this webpage set up and I look forward to reading and hearing about what other Troopy lovers are getting up to.

    • Troopy.com.au 04/07/2017 at 7:23 AM - Reply

      Thank you so much for the encouragement Clive & Cathy! You guys are absolute legends. How is your troopy going now? Have you been able to make much progress? So jealous… at the start of everything we useto sit inside the rig and dream up ideas on sketch paper! Thanks for being here. We are slowly getting things going (slowly,…but as fast as we can). Let us know where you are at. I’d love your rig to be featured here once it’s ready! 😀 K+G #troopycomau

  2. Justin 13/07/2017 at 7:27 PM - Reply

    Hey Legends
    I’m no stranger to your EPIC adventures! I still can’t believe you have completed your expedition all the way to London via Africa!!!!! : )!! Inspiration right there!!
    I was missing your write up’s and I look forward to watching this space grow!! Great idea for a site!!
    Talk soon


    • Troopy.com.au 18/07/2017 at 12:00 PM - Reply

      HEYYYYYY Justin! Thanks heaps for the support, we really appreciate it 😀 It feels good to be back creating on a site and especially doing ‘wrap ups’ ala Aussie Overlanders style haha Can’t wait to get your rig up on here to! Cheers, K&G

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