TROOPY WRAP-UP {Edition 1}

HELLO + WELCOME to the first ever Troopy Wrap-Up!

For Wrap-ups are are posts where we let you know what’s going on behind the scenes and do a quick wip around of everything going on.

SO, let’s get started!


For the month of July we’ve been running a feature called Troopy Of The Day.

The series puts a spotlight on really inspiring Instagram accounts of Troopys exploring Australia having epic adventures in their Toyota TroopCarrier.

See the series as it’s being posted live over on Insta @troopycomau. We’ll also keep you updated here.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been posted so far:

Once you get amongst it and dig around there is SO MUCH Troopy goodness out there to bring together. It’s unbelievable it hasn’t been done already. Under each of the posts we’ve been collating 5+ pics under each rig to make sure every rig is done justice.


To be honest, taking the leap and getting an awesome designer on board feels like a bit of a risk. Every few hours, the level of certainty goes from ‘Hell yeah! Let’s do it’…. to… ‘Is this insane?’…

Over the past few days we’ve been stunned with how many awesome people have jumped on board the Troopy mailing list. So that should be some reassurance. It’s easy to be all bravado and gungho… but I personally don’t want to let you down.

We want the shirts to be SUCH great quality and have SUCH a great design. The first release will really set the standard moving forward.


Let us know what you think below.


Recently we were asked what is all about… thought you might like to see the answer in a nutshell. Still working on getting it down to a few sentences 😉


We’ve had a stack of legends put their hands up. So hang tight for their set-up mods & fit-outs inspiration. We’ve just sent the initial questions and links to them! Cannot wait to see what comes back.

Thanks for being here guys.

We’d love you to say a quick ‘hello’ in the comments below – let us know you are here – and let us know what you think 🙂


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