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HELLO + WELCOME as we get things started around here.

If you are new around here (aren’t we all…) you might like to start by reading the very first blog post.


We want to see your Troopy and so does everyone else.

If you think you have a pretty awesome set-up we would love to feature it on the Troopy Blog.

The feature series will run over the next few months.


When we started setting up our Troopy as an expedition vehicle years ago it was really difficult to find photos and run-downs on good set-ups. Of any 4×4 let alone a Troopy.

These days it’s a lot easier but the pics & info just seem to get lost in the never-ending Facebook scroll.

It’s a real struggle to find good sources of set-up inspiration or photos online of awesome 4×4 fit-outs. Not to mention reliable information. 5-years ago when we started setting up our Troopy we struggled to find references online. We know things have changed with social media, but even now a lot of what people share gets lost get lost or passed by too quickly on the Facebook/Insta scroll. 

So let’s do something about that.

Let’s create a searchable, helpful, permanent record of Troopy set-ups & mods to help inspire each other.


If you are happy to share your Toyota Landcruiser Troopy get in touch. Simply comment below or email info at troopy dot com with the words ‘I’ll share my Troopy!’ We’ll get back to you with some q’s and details of where to send the files.

You’ll need to send through:

+++ 5-10 good photos of your set-up

+++ 2-5minute walk around video. Nothing fancy needed, just talk us through your rig with your iPhone. Hold it sideways so we get the best view…

DIY mods. Professional fit-outs. A hot looking rig 😀 Whatever you have – as long as there are a few ideas in there others might benefit from.

We’ll then put the post together as a permanent online record of your troop carrier. It will help others and you’ll have a page to show off to your mates. We can also link to your insta or whatever. Easy.


Email info @ troopy dot com dot au – or down the bottom of the page is an email icon – hit that and get in touch with the text ‘I’ll share my Troopy!’

Thanks for being here guys.

We can’t wait to get get this started!


Want to know more?


Troopy.com.au is currently run by us, Gareth & Kirsty.
You might know us as The Aussie Overlanders.

When we purchased our 1989 Toyota LandCruiser TroopCarrier we creatively named him… TROOPY! We like to think this site is named after him 😉 We gutted and built him from scratch to achieve our dream expedition vehicle. We then drove across the world – from Sydney to London, through the guts of Africa. If you’re interested, there is plenty more on our troops here.

5-years ago it was a real struggle to find good sources of set-up inspiration or photos online of awesome troopcarrier fit-outs. Not to mention reliable information. Or even the basics of people having adventures in their troopys. We know things have changed with social media, but even now most gets lost on the facebook scroll.

^ That moment when you, your partner and your Troopy start wearing matching outfits. #iwasdressedfirst

^ The morning after G proposed to K on the road. The night was spent in the Troopy 😉

^ WA, Australia

^ Legends. And G & K in their original Troopy Shirts…



IN SHORT: A legendary shirt with a sick design of a Troopy on it. Troopy.com.au will handpick and personally commission awesome designers to create us all shirts that match our legendary status 😉

Then, we’ll all get to wear our hearts on our sleeve. Or as we like to say around here ‘Wear your troopy on your sleeve’

– – – – – – –

WHY?: The original Troopy Shirt idea started for us when driving through Zimbabwe on our Troopy trip from Sydney to London across Africa.

A clever young designer guy asked if he could make us a custom shirt for our troopy/trip. We were keen but also needed to head off really soon. He hustled and within 12-hours (!!) he had created the design – and come back in the meantime to ask ‘Do I have your design approval Sir!?’

The shirts became our prized possession. They’ve in constant rotation. Gareth’s blue Troopy shirt is a patchwork of holes and oil stains. It’s seriously time for a new one! Enter… creating awesome new Troopy Shirts.

We figure if we want one, you might too.

^ The original Troopy Shirt. We had 4 printed in Zimbabwe. The ones we held on to have been worn to death. It’s time for a new one.



Get amongst it! The success of troopy.com.au is actually up to you. If you want this, it will keep going. If not, mehh, at least we had a crack.

…we wish we had this resource when we first got our troopy, we still want it, and figure you might want it too.

Get on board – register your email by clicking here – that way you’ll be sent a monthly update of troopy inspiration, know what awesome rigs are featured on the site and when the next shirt design drops.